MIC/Skinny Shot

MIC stands for methionine, inositol, and choline. Together with carnitine, B6, and B12, this blend helps the body’s metabolism, removes toxins, and promotes fat loss. It speeds up fat burning and assists in weight loss while providing energy support.

Each component of Lipo (MIC) Injection delivers an effect, though the combination may prove synergistic. Choline, together with myoinositol supplements can inhibit weight gain while decreasing liver fat. Methionine can regulate metabolic processes digestive function and affects lipid metabolism too. Meanwhile, inositol accelerates weight loss and fat mass reduction while increasing lean mass. It can also exhibit medical benefits in patients with diabetes and hypertension.

study on choline supplementation use resulted in rapidly reduced body mass for female athletes and improved lipid metabolism without any side effects on strength. Furthermore, a significant reduction in the urine malondialdehyde (MDA) was observed, proving choline’s use as an antioxidant. Several studies support that L carnitine can significantly decrease body mass index (BMI) and have numerous cardiovascular benefits. Overall, this IV protocol not only promotes a leaner body but a healthier one as well.


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