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Each month, your payment will be credited to your personal LifeFusion account. This credit may be applied to any service and products of your choosing, affording you the liberty to select the options, determined by your personal consultation with our team, to be most effective for your health and skin. What’s more, any funds you deposit into your LifeFusion account are entirely yours to utilize.

In the event that you wish to indulge in a service that exceeds the credit balance in your account, the remaining balance will be due at the time of service. This straightforward approach to our payment system ensures seamless service delivery.

Enrolling in LifeFusion Membership is an obvious choice – It saves you money!! Commit to invest in yourself and your health! This is your money; any unused credit from a previous month will be banked for the next month, guaranteeing that you never miss out on the opportunity to better your health and your skin.

Take action today and sign up for a LifeFusion Membership to give your skin the love and care it deserves!


Membership Benefits:



Membership Benefits:



Membership Benefits: