Athletic Performance Roadrunner

Athletic performance and recovery can be supported by a blend of Amino Acids, Vitamin B-Complex, Normal Saline, and Antioxidants (glutathione and α-lipoic acid). Each contributes to increasing physical performance, aiding recovery, improving activity tolerance, and replenishing fluids and nutrients. Lower levels of dehydration can diminish the body’s capabilities emphasizing the need for sufficient fluid intake. Aside from that, replenishment of lost nutrients can prove instrumental in keeping up with strenuous activities.
Aerobic muscular endurance can be increased significantly with the supplementation of amino acids. It can delay exhaustion time during exercise or activity and aids in improving grip and leg strength while decreasing body weight and fat mass. These effects are further enhanced with the use of Vitamin B-complex.
According to a study, antioxidant supplementation before intensive exercise may improve physical performance. It increases time to fatigue and recovery from exercise. In a randomized trial on 75 resistance-trained males, supplementation of GSH with L-citrulline (CIT) increased lean mass and muscle strength. Intake of α-lipoic acid (ALA) may prove helpful to enhance skeletal muscle regeneration because of changes it generates in the inflammatory response.


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